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Dundas Software: Ultimate Diagram provides the fundamental building blocks to create a Visio™ like user interface, customizable organization charts, image mark up tools, and other applications using a canvas and object metaphor. Ultimate Diagram is so powerful that you can use it instead of VISIO™ to meet your diagramming needs. Unlike VISIO™, Ultimate Diagram is an extensible MFC library.


Lassalle Technologies: AddFlow is a 32 bits ActiveX control. It has been written with Visual C++ 6.0 and it is a MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) based ActiveX control.  An AddFlow diagram is a set of objects that can be linked each other.


Rogue Wave Stingray: Objective Views: Objective Views offers a fully MFC-compatible, object-oriented framework for creating applications that allows users to visually work with data. [...] You can allow your users to add objects to a layout from a palette (just like Visio®) and to create hierarchies, connections, and containers.  With Objective Views you can develop any application that includes a drawing surface and interaction with graphical objects quickly and effectively.


LTS   CadoDraw is a system of Delphi components which is primarily programmed using settings in [Delphi's] Object Inspector.  CadoDraw consists of - a drawing canvas to display graphical objects in different scales; - 4 types of object generators for generating various objects via mouse handling or via function call; - an editing tool, which enables the user of your application to edit the generated objects via mouse handling; - two data modules to store and organize the objects generated (different layers possible); - a printer component for printing out the graphics generated (cutout and print scale can be determined); - a component to show rulers on the drawing canvas; - additional components like the object generator for polygon areas. The number and combination of components used is practically unlimited.
Software Farm: Java for your Eyes. An assorment of diagram-related tools for Java.


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