Visio 2000 Developer's Survival Guide
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You can order the paperback version of the book from the usual sources, or direct from the publisher.

Order direct from Trafford Publishing for fast delivery.
Trafford listing for this book
Trafford Home Page

Price: US$49.95.
NOTE TO US PURCHASERS: Don't panic when you see the Canadian dollar price! The US dollar is worth about Cdn$1.50. Also, delivery is not particularly slow, it's coming from Victoria which is right next door to Seattle. However, I do suggest the Air shipping (it's only about US$3.00). Next-day shipping is about US$18.

Or Order from these Online Bookstores: Direct link to book Direct link to book

Fatbrain ematter ("MightyWords") Downloadable PDF Version

Sad to say, but's flirtation with selling a spectrum of specialty books as secure downloadable PDFs has come to an end, and thus Visio 2000 Developer's Survival Guide is no longer available in that format.

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