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If you develop and deploy VSLs (including VB VSLs), you will want to ensure that Visio notices your VSLs as soon as possible after they are placed into Visio's Solutions directory structure. Visio takes a look at the contents of the Solutions tree each time it starts up, and is supposed to survey any VSL that has newly appeared, which would make installation easy for us. However, it appears that this Visio functionality doesn't quite work properly.

Instead, to provoke Visio to survey for new VSLs, it's necessary to use one of a variety of ploys. For an automated installation, one ploy that works is to delete the visio.bin file in which Visio caches the survey information from session to session. With visio.bin missing, Visio is forced to resurvey on next start-up.

Deleting visio.bin is somewhat easier said than done because the visio.bin file is located in different places on different Windows and Visio versions. The VisioBinDel utility addresses this problem by visiting all the likely places and deleting visio.bin when found.


VisioBinDel can be run from Windows Explorer (double-click it) or as a command-line utility, so that it can be run by batch files or installation scripts. The command syntax is:

VisioBinDel [/nomsg]

VisioBinDel seeks out visio.bin files in all the likely locations used in the last few versions of Visio. If you add the optional /nomsg parameter then VisioBinDel will omit message boxes telling of success or problems.

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