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Starting with Visio 2002, Visio is able to save drawings, templates and stencils in "XML for Visio" format.  As a result, a number of circumstances lead us to want to convert whole collections of Visio documents to XML at once. Examples:

The VisioToXML tool addresses this need by allowing you to specify a group of Visio files to process, and the tool iterates through them all, loading them into Visio and resaving them using XML format.



No special installation required. Simply double-click on VisioToXML.exe in Windows Explorer. You can optionally create a Windows Shortcut for it.


One very useful tool for searching text files for interesting strings in the XML files is venerable old "grep" and its descendants -- often supplied with development environments. A favorite of mine is Hurricane WinGrep, but there are also other versions discoverable with a quick web search.

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