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Diagramantics.com is primarily the work of Graham Wideman, with contributions from several other participants.  It serves to collect resources and pointers for the programmable diagramming community. 

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Visio User/Developer issues: Please note that I rarely have the time to do proper justice to emailed development queries (Visio or other). Therefore I highly recommend posting your questions to a Visio newsgroup forum (just one!). This way, you have a good chance that your question will be answered more quickly.  See the Visio Topics for newsgroup info. Thanks.

Other topic-related issues, and to contribute links or other info:

New Address (as of 2004-05-15)       initcontact diagramantics

(You can copy-and-paste part of this, but parts are images to discourage email address harvesters.)

If you happen to be a bulk emailer:

I specifically forbid you to add my email address to a list. For what it's worth, I do live in California, with its attendant bulk email laws. If you think that I may have accidentally forgotten to rejoin your list, then please send me a single email to remind me, but do NOT add me to a list.  Thank you.

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