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Visio 2003 Developer's Survival Pack  is a book for developers using Microsoft Visio® as a platform for building diagrammatic software applications for business, I.T., science and engineering.  Accompanying software tools and samples provide crucial views inside Visio, and also makes possible the building of powerful "VSL" components using Visual Basic.

Full info is here, including downloadable tools, samples and other supporting notes.

Visio 2002 Developer's Survival Pack is the edition written for Visio 2002. This is largely superceded by the 2003 edition.

Full info is here, including downloadable tools, samples and other supporting notes.

 Visio 2000 Developer's Survival Guide: A wealth of info for developers working with Visio 2000 at all levels. Largely superceded by the 2002 and 2003 editions).

Full info is here, including supporting additions for readers.

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  • A number of articles of varying degrees of age are available at sister-site At some point they will get updated and move here. In the meantime, you can visit them there.
Other Visio Resources
At Microsoft
  • Visio Home Page at Microsoft
  • Visio newsgroups at MS:  Use news server, and search for microsoft.public.visio.* For those who remember them, the old Visio "forums" were replaced by these newsgroups.
  • Visio Inside Out (editions for Visio 2002 and 2003): Though there are by now several end-user books available, this is the one that gets my vote as most comprehensive.
  • Developing Visio Solutions book.  Don't miss this, it's the official developer book from Visio -- it ships on the Visio CD (V2000), is available online, and is also be purchasable in paper form.  Essential.
    • DVS Online at MSDN  and open the Office Developer Docs > Visio > Developnig Visio Solutions (works better in IE than in Netscape)
  • BizTalk Server: This direction is interesting because BizTalk employs a diagramming environment based on Visio called "BizTalk Orchestration Visual Designer" .

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