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Contacting Me

Please note that I rarely have the time to do proper justice to emailed development queries (Visio or other). Therefore I highly recommend posting your questions to a Visio newsgroup forum (just one!). This way, you have a good chance that your question will be answered more quickly.  See the Visio page for newsgroup info. Thanks.

I will appreciate your comments, criticisms or reports of bugs in the book, emailed to:

Password To Access the Visio 2002 Developer's Survival Pack Support Material...

The support pages and downloads are protected. To obtain a username and password please complete the form here.

Download Tools and Samples (Password Protected, see above)

Item/Link Version Date Description/Installation 1.01 2001-07-10 Tools and Samples complete (about 7MB). Place in a convenient directory and unzip (for example, using WinZip).. There is no further overall installation, so choose a directory location which you can continue to use for trying the samples and developing with the tools.

Other Support Items Available:


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