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Please note that I rarely have the time to do proper justice to emailed development queries (Visio or other). Therefore I highly recommend posting your questions to a Visio newsgroup forum (just one!). This way, you have a good chance that your question will be answered more quickly.  See the Visio page for newsgroup info. Thanks.

I will appreciate your comments, criticisms or reports of bugs in the book, emailed to:

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Chapter-Specific Items

Part 1: Overview Of The Visio Development Environment

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Overview of Visio Territory

Chapter 3: A Plan For Coping

Part 2: Visio Structural Breakdowns

Chapter 4: Visio Object Model

Chapter 5: ShapeSheet Structure Introduction

Chapter 6: ShapeSheet: Detailed Section-Row-Cell Structure

Chapter 7: ShapeSheet Functions

Chapter 8: Visio Objects and Their Properties and Methods

Part 3: Visio Functional Areas In Depth

Chapter 9: Visio Files: Drawings, Stencils, Templates

Chapter 10: Shapes

Chapter 11: Masters and Shapes

Chapter 12: Some ShapeSheet Practicalities

Chapter 13: Composite Shapes Using Groups

Chapter 14: Connectors, Routing and Layout

Chapter 15: Glue and Connects

Chapter 16: Formatting Via Masters and Styles

Chapter 17: Line and Fill Patterns and Line Ends

Chapter 18: Layers

Chapter 19: The "User Interface" Functionality

Chapter 20: Events

Chapter 21: Loose Ends

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