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Contacting Me

Please note that I rarely have the time to do proper justice to emailed development queries (Visio or other). Therefore I highly recommend posting your questions to a Visio newsgroup forum (just one!). This way, you have a good chance that your question will be answered more quickly.  See the Visio page for newsgroup info. Thanks.

I will appreciate your comments, criticisms or reports of bugs in the book via email address on the about page.

Password To Access the Visio 2003 Developer's Survival Pack Support Material...

The support pages and downloads are protected. To obtain a username and password please complete the form here.

2005-02-28: Note on Expired Code Signing Certificate

If you're (re)visiting this page because you've noticed that some VSLs (including VBVSL) are now suddenly provoking security dialogs (or outright failing)... this is corrected in release 3.0.1 of the download material. I take a rather dim view of the circumstances leading up to this annoyance. More details in the Code Signing article.

Notes and Errata

See Notes and Errata page. (2003-11-24)

Tools and Samples Download Links and Status

(The downloads are Password Protected, see above)

Item/Link Version Date Description/Installation 3.0.0 (Initial) 2003-10-29 Main chapter samples and Tools, almost complete (about 12 MB). Place in a convenient directory and unzip (for example, using WinZip).. There is no further overall installation, so choose a directory location which you can continue to use for trying the samples and developing with the tools. 3.0.1 2005-02-28 For the tools that are in VSL form, and the VSL Adapter, a new codesigning certificate has been applied (with no expiry date). This should resolve incessant security dialog issues. 3.0.0 (Initial) 2003-11-02 PDF Versions of Chapters 36 through 39 (about 800K)
note_signcode.htm (Initial) 2003-11-24 Article to supplement Chapter 34 "Some Deployment Notes" describing code signing and detailing how to apply it.
  updated 2004-10-24 ... and due for another update... 3.0.0 (Initial) 2004-02-24 Adapter which allows building a VSL in .NET. (ie: .NET version of VBVSL). Includes documentation, plus C# sample code that parallels the VBVSL-based material in Chapter 22  "Visio Solution Library Solutions: VSLs and Addons". 3.0.1 2005-02-28 New codesigning certificate has been applied (with no expiry date).
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